A courage strains after the corpse.

Random. Yet has a purpose.
Real update! Yes yes.

We went to bed at midnight last night, because I couldn't get to sleep even though I knew I had to wake up early. Fail.

Well, I got up at about 7 this morning and tried to sleep till 9.
In half-hour intervals.

Goodie for me.

Crawl out of bed finally at 10, get dressed, and we head to Cindy's house for the beginnings of Turkey and whatnot and such.

We get there, everything's good. We meet Paula (finally, and squee) and then we meet..
The best friend.

Cindy's best friend was.. I'll say it, not all there. She rambled on incessantly, and was quite rude and condescending. I'm sure she was a sweetheart when she calmed down, but WHOO BOY don't talk to her if you don't like doctors.

She tends to flip and get in your face about it. >.<

There was very nearly a kerfuffle, especially when she tried to barge in on my conversation AGAIN later on.. She and I just do. not. mesh. I hope that next time we see eachother it's for a very brief period. I can't handle her in long stretches like today!!

Afterwards, we headed on down to my mom's for MORE turkey (and cheesecake) and I saw David's present. :) She's ordered it for me and it's monogrammed for him, and fabulous. He'll love it.

They gave him birthday presents today and he was just thrilled because his family didn't give him anything (but his brother charged him for the car, which we found out is worse off on the alignment than we thought).


I'm home safe and he's safe at work, thank goodness!

How did your holiday go?
I post these often, to do lists..

For tomorrow:

Put second coat on nails..?
Clean Trash around house
Decorate tree :)
Do dishes?
Eat (at least once before David wakes up)
Do Tarot reading?
-- Set up appointment at Mike's for alignment. Must. Do. --

Have some me time: Relax, meditate or write.
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